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El Caliu Restaurant: Where Grill Becomes a Gastronomic Experience in Castellar

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In the heart of Castellar del Vallés, the grill restaurant in Castellar, El Caliu, stands as the epicenter of authentic gastronomy, fusing tradition and flavor in each dish. Led by passionate chef José Sánchez and his dedicated team, this grill restaurant in Castellar has established itself as a reference for those who seek to delight their palates with authentic culinary gems.

El Caliu specializes in wood-fired paellas and grilled meat, transporting diners to a sensory journey where the smoky aroma and intense flavors intertwine to create unforgettable moments.

In this space, the essence of the grill comes to life, becoming a unique gastronomic experience. The carefully crafted menus invite food lovers to explore a variety of delicious options. From wood-fired paellas that awaken the senses to the juiciness of grilled meat, each dish is a culinary masterpiece that reflects José and his team's passion and commitment to gastronomic excellence.


On Fridays and Saturdays, Caliu's terrace comes to life with an irresistible proposal: tapas and fresh seafood that make every weekend a culinary celebration. The pica pica menu, with seasonal starters and paella, fideuás and grill specialties, becomes the perfect option for those looking for a unique gastronomic experience.

Among the specialties of this grill restaurant in Castellar The wood-fired paellas and fideuá stand out, cooked over embers that are the distinctive signature of Caliu. These dishes, infused with authentic flavors, awaken the senses and transport diners to the very essence of traditional cuisine. In addition, the option of taking the paella home allows you to enjoy these delicacies in the comfort of your home.

Exploring the Art of Grilling: El Caliu Restaurant in Castellar

Exploring the art of grilling in El Caliu goes beyond the conventional. Our outstanding grilled meat, carefully selected from the highest quality raw materials, becomes a gastronomic masterpiece. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the careful preparation of each bite, masterfully cooked on the Caliu grills.

By immersing yourself in the sensory experience that our grilled meat offers, you will discover unmatched nuances of flavor. The perfect combination of textures, juiciness and that characteristic smoky touch intertwine to captivate your senses in each tasting. It's more than just a meal; It is a culinary journey that leaves a lasting impression.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the plate. At El Caliu, we not only offer delicious menus and exquisite dishes, but we also extend a cordial invitation to make a reservation. Do you want to make sure you have a place in our gastronomic house? Do not hesitate to call us without obligation. Our team will be happy to provide you with detailed information about our culinary offerings and answer any questions you may have.

The magic of grilling is fully manifested in the heart of Castellar del Vallés, where El Caliu stands as a gastronomic sanctuary. Here, the passion for good food becomes an unparalleled experience. Every dish, every detail, is infused with a love of authentic cuisine and attention to the small nuances that make each visit unique.

We invite you to discover the authentic flavor of the grill in the grill restaurant in Castellar The Caliu. More than a place to eat, it is a space to delight your palate with our delicious dishes and exquisite desserts. We are eager to welcome you and share with you the joy of good food in a cozy and flavorful atmosphere. We are waiting for you with open arms in El Caliu!

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